Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83

20 September 2023

Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83 want to make a substantial impact at Carleton.

Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83

Being able to bring their two dogs to the office is a definite perk for Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83. That’s just one reason — walking to the office from home is another — they love working at Kipling Law Group, a small Seattle firm that specializes in complex commercial litigation.

Tim is an attorney and Marjorie, a paralegal when she helped start the firm, is now reading for the bar under the tutelage of her boss.

“It’s a unique way to become an attorney in Washington,” she says. Marjorie has a PhD in art history from the University of California, Berkeley, but she and Tim decided a stable life “where we wanted to live” was more important than the uncertainty of a career bouncing around the country as an academic art historian.

The couple met at Carleton — Marjorie injured her ankle on the way to a party and Tim was “very chivalrous and kind” in helping her, she says — and married in 1989. Their experiences in large graduate school programs fostered in them an appreciation for the close personal interaction they had with professors and classmates at Carleton.

“Carleton’s commitment to quality undergraduate teaching is very important to us,” Tim says. The couple has included Carleton in their will in support of the College’s commitment to a rich undergraduate experience. “We believe we can make a substantial impact at Carleton,” Tim says.