Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83

Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83 want to make a substantial impact at Carleton, which is why they have included Carleton in their will in support of the College’s commitment to a rich undergraduate experience.

Marjorie Walter ’85 and Tim Moran ’83

Stephen Davis ’88

Stephen Davis ’88 decided to fund a scholarship at Carleton for a simple reason: He wanted to make it possible for others to experience what he experienced when he came to Carleton from Chicago nearly 40 years ago.

Stephen Davis ’88

Marilyn Moyle ’66

For many Carls, bonds with professors extend beyond the classroom. For Marilyn Moyle ’66, a bond with English professor Harriet Sheridan reached all the way home. “She just took me…

Marilyn Moyle and partner

Sarah ’65 and Douglas ’63 Jones

For Sarah Jones ’65 and Douglas Jones ’63, the tradition of giving resulted in an additional commitment to their alma mater: designating Carleton as a beneficiary on their IRAs.

Sarah and Doug Jones

Vicki Rupp ’66

Vicki Rupp ’66 restored her Carleton experience and has generously included a bequest for Carleton in her will. She also has endowed a scholarship for students with demonstrated financial need, and her bequest will be added to that scholarship.

Vicki Rupp ’66

Jon ’66 and Peggy ’66 Watterson

Staying active when they retired (or at least semi-retired) has been important to Jon and Peggy Watterson — whether it be biking cross country, helping Turkish and Vietnamese seed scientists with research, caring for their enormous garden, or planning for their financial future.

Jon and Peggy Watterson pose for photo with bikes

Joe ’63 and Nancy ’63 Braucher

From the moment they first arrived at Carleton, Nancy Braucher says, she and her future husband Joe understood that the college would be in their lives forever. They have consistently given to Carleton throughout the years. But perhaps their most significant contribution has been the gift of their beloved vacation home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Eldon Spencer ’69

Eldon Spencer ’69 wants to be remembered as he lived: contributing to the charities he feels are doing good work in the world. Partly because of his loyalty to Carleton — as an alumnus and a parent — but mostly because he strongly agrees with its mission, he and his wife, Ann Spencer, established a series of flexible deferred charitable gift annuities.

Headshot of Eldon Spencer

Doug ’64 and Ruth Crane

With savings in the same bank that Joseph Lee Heywood himself once defended, Doug ’64 and Ruth Crane thought creating a charitable gift annuity was the perfect idea. It makes them members of the Heywood Society, and it benefits the place they both love dearly.

Doug and Ruth Crane seated on a couch

Courtenay Brown ’95

Despite the myth of the self-made man, Courtenay Brown ’95 believes no one would be whom he or she is today without learning from others. Everyone is a product of someone else’s teachings and assistance, he says. That’s why education is pivotal.

Headshot of Courtenay Brown