Gifts from Carleton alumni, parents, and friends are critical to the College’s work of providing a world-class liberal arts education. These gifts provide:

  • Scholarships and other financial assistance that allow students from a wide variety of backgrounds to pursue studies at the College.
  • Faculty resources, such as endowed faculty chairs, visiting professors, and faculty development programs that strengthen Carleton’s legacy of academic quality.
  • Research funds to help faculty and student collaborative work in the sciences, health care, the arts and humanities, and many other disciplines.
  • Student internships that provide opportunities for service work in the local community and around the globe.
  • Facilities construction, improvements, and other campus projects that ensure quality classrooms, labs, studio spaces, libraries, housing, and recreation facilities.
  • Unrestricted resources that enable Carleton to address its areas of greatest need.

Regardless of how—or how much—you choose to give, you can have an important impact on Carleton students and faculty for years to come.

Learn more about giving opportunities at Carleton.