Scholarships at Work: Emily Hartley ’12

5 July 2011

Emily Hartley '12

Hometown: West Fargo, ND

Major: English

Recipient of the James R. Thorpe Scholarship

“I’ve loved getting to know the Northfield community almost as much as I’ve loved my time at Carleton. I realized right away how much I missed the Big Brother/Big Sister program I was involved in at my high school, so I signed up for Project Friendship, an elementary mentoring program where I meet once a week with a now-fourth-grade student. I’ve known her for two years and every week I look forward to seeing her and doing arts and crafts, playing games, going to the library, or just talking about everyday life. The program is just as beneficial for me as it is for her.

“Thank you for helping me to have all of these amazing experiences at Carleton. The school has been a great fit for me, and I appreciate your dedication to Carleton students.”

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