Ready, Set, SCRUM!

1 June 2015

Gifts to the Carleton Athletic Initiative help students stay active and fit—but there are countless other benefits too. Sports teach teamwork, perservance, and the importance of balancing work and play.

women's rugby team

Carleton rugby players show off their game faces as they prepare to scrum at a fall practice. “A scrum is basically a test of strength,” says Erica Sheline ’15 (Atlanta). “I’m about to put the ball into play, and then our forwards will push against the other team in an effort to get the ball to their teammates. Once our forwards win the fight, I’ll pass the ball to our backs, who will run with it.”   

This photo shows both the physicality and the teamwork she loves about the sport, Sheline says: “I’m not a huge, strong person, but there’s a place for every body type on the team. The scrum requires that everyone on the team—from the strong forwards to the fast backs—be successful. Everyone has a role, so together we feel powerful.”

Photo by Hai Ngo ’12 

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