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  • Classics professor Jake Morton cut his teeth working in the field, wandering his beloved Greece searching for physical evidence of an ancient past. “You can run all the analysis you want on a computer,” he said, “but nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes.” It’s no surprise, then, that after coming to teach at Carleton, he decided to share the benefits of fieldwork with his students firsthand by bringing three of them with him to Greece.

  • International collaboration is a hallmark of Deborah Gross’s and Tsegaye Nega’s teaching.

  • After spending many of his childhood summers in Israel at peace and dialogue camps, interning at the White House under the Obama administration, and working on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, Miko Zeldes-Roth ’18 (New York City) says conflict resolution is in his blood. “It’s baked into my identity and my professional interests,” Zeldes-Roth says. “I want to find a way to make a difference in the world.”

  • “When you think of museums, you think of the main galleries—but this fellowship helped illuminate that curation has so many different facets,” Fiona Fraser ’18 says. “I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of curators and look at hundreds of prints, and it was really eye-opening. Curation rooms are so valuable to students, professors, and researchers.” Now Fraser thinks her career might be museum curation.

  • Coming to Carleton from San Francisco, Lisa Au ’18 knew she wanted to have an international experience. Little did she know she’d have five.

  • In its first year offered, the Qiguang Zhao Memorial Fund is already having a significant impact—in particular, it’s helped Cindy Chen ’18 reconnect with her heritage. An Asian studies major from Brooklyn, New York, Chen spent last summer studying Mandarin in Kunming, in China’s Yunnan Province.

  • Among the many reasons Carleton enjoys a strong reputation in the sciences is its penchant for project-based learning. Research is built into the undergraduate experience here—something students at other colleges might not experience until graduate school.

    “The teachers here do a lot of research and put you in an experimental mindset,” says Malavika Suresh ’18 (Maple Grove, Minn.), a chemistry major. “You can take as many lecture classes as you want, but actually doing research teaches you in such a different way.”

  • Vicky Wu ’17 set off for her externship with high hopes but few preconceptions. She knew externing at NSW Corp. in Portland, Ore., with Carleton parent Laird McCulloch P’12, P’15 and Kyle Raines would teach her about real estate investments. She hoped it might give her food for thought about a career path. And she assumed, like many do, it resemble job shadowing—simply observing professionals going about their days.

    She was wrong.

  • As an entrepreneur, Sam Woodside ’75 knows the value of real job experience. And as a Carleton alumnus, he knows the importance of a liberal arts education.

    “Carleton is a wonderful growth opportunity for young people,” Woodside said. “But we wanted to create connections between the intellectual side of the college and the real world.”

  • In a city almost synonymous with joy and mirth, Sarah Abdel-Jelil ’16, Gabriela Olvera ’16, and Khuaten Maaneb de Macedo ’16 were struck by how present tragedy was, too.