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  • Canceling in-person classes during spring term 2020 made the most sense to safeguard the health of the Carleton community, as well as the surrounding Northfield community. But it also posed a slew of challenges, particularly for low-income and international students. Luckily, the Alumni Annual Fund provides the college with flexible resources that can be immediately applied wherever needs arise. Here’s how gifts to the Annual Fund impacted our students during this unprecedented term.

  • Thanks to the Alumni Annual Fund, the remote spring term 2020 impacted students in surprising–and often advantageous–ways.

  • Conceived in 2009, the Carleton Athletics Initiative (CAI) has helped campus find silver linings in a few difficult times.

    When seven inches of rain gutted Laird Stadium in the fall of 2010, the building’s insurance coverage would have restored the stadium only to its pre-flood state—which was virtually the same as its 1927 opening. That wasn’t good enough for a group of former Carleton athletes.

  • Welcoming one of the largest incoming classes Carleton has ever had will be a jubilant occasion this fall—and it will also present campus with a few challenges and a greater need for flexibility in budgeting.

    “It’s hard to know on a daily or even monthly basis what the needs of the college are going to be, so allowing the leadership to be nimble and flexible with budgeting is important,” says Alumni Annual Fund Board Director Betsy Sylvester ’06.

  • The Goodhue music rehearsal room is outfitted with an array of equipment and instruments. Managed by the student activities office, the room is open to all students.

  • Gifts to the Carleton Athletic Initiative help students stay active and fit—but there are countless other benefits too. Sports teach teamwork, perservance, and the importance of balancing work and play. Hear about it firsthand from women’s rugby player Erica Sheline ’15.

  • Gifts to the Carleton Athletic Initiative not only benefit varsity athletes, they support a wide range of club and intramural sports—including Carleton’s heralded Ultimate Frisbee teams.

    See that support in action as you watch Alex Trautman ’15 make two amazing plays at an Ultimate tournament, all caught on video.

  • Junior Anna Guasco’s experience in an academic civic engagement (ACE) course inspired her to approach environmental issues from an American Studies perspective and research Channel Islands in a way that had never been done before.

  • Athletics have a broad and profound impact on student life at Carleton, with 90 percent of Carleton students participating in intramural, club, and varsity sports. The Carleton Athletic Initiative (CAI) supports the full range of sports and recreation programs at Carleton.