Amp It Up

25 June 2015
By Lauren Kempton '18
Student band rehearsing in a practice room

Keyboardist Joe Soonthornsawad ’15 (West Chester, Ohio) says Carleton’s student band scene has improved dramatically during his four years on campus. “It’s amazing what a few amps and a practice room can do,” says Soonthornsawad, who plays in funk/soul band Northern Riot.

He’s referring to the Goodhue music rehearsal room, which opened in January 2013, and is outfitted with an array of equipment and instruments. Managed by the student activities office, the room is open to all students who complete an orientation on how to use the equipment responsibly.

Carleton’s Student Band Union (SBU) also has a portable sound system that musicians can borrow. “I have used the SBU gear for every gig I have played at Carleton,” says Matt Jorizzo ’15 (Medford, Ore.), who plays bass in psychedelic folk rock trio Astral Cat. “It’s powerful enough to accommodate even the loudest student bands.”

Photo by Sara Rubinstein ’98

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