A CUT Above the Rest

1 June 2015

The first play on the video clip from an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Florida last February is amazing enough: Carleton senior and cutter Alex Trautman ’15 appears to outrun the throw, then times his jump perfectly to snatch the Frisbee out of the night sky. Two hapless University of Florida defenders go down like bowling pins as Trautman erupts into a full-throttle fist-pumping celebration. 

But it’s the second play on the clip that is spectacular. Running after a disc that appears woefully out of reach, Trautman executes a full-body lunge that results somehow in his catching the Frisbee and scoring for CUT, the Carleton men’s Division 1 Ultimate team. The what the heck did I just do? look on Trautman’s face says it all. And the video went viral after Ultiworld, an Ultimate news site, posted it on YouTube. Watch it above, or on YouTube at: tinyurl.com/carlCUT. 

When he’s not on the field, Trautman, a computer science major from Lexington, Massachusetts, is far more subdued. He gives little more than a sheepish grin when he’s asked about those two incredible plays before he acknowledges that, yeah, they were “pretty special.” Even more impressive, Trautman didn’t play Ultimate before coming to Carleton. Why did he take up the sport? “I get to run and jump,” he says with characteristic understatement. 

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