Carleton’s Alumni Annual Fund (AAF) was established by alumni as a way to give back to the College year after year, with unrestricted gifts that support immediate budget needs.

Alumni involvement and our highly engaged corps of volunteers have made the Fund an essential form of support for the College. The level of ownership that Carleton’s alumni volunteers have assumed in raising dollars for the AAF is extraordinary and critical to our success. We are proud and grateful for this outstanding alumni contribution to Carleton’s excellence.

Alumni Annual Fund gifts are, by definition, gifts spent as they are received — in other words, not invested in the endowment — and that provide budget support for major areas of need at the College. The AAF provides a way to direct these current-use gifts to any of seven major areas:

  • Area of Greatest Need – Provide financial support for the Carleton community’s highest priorities, as identified by faculty, staff and students.
  • Financial Aid – Support talented students from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.
  • Learning and Teaching – Sustain the quality education that is at the core of the Carleton experience, including on- and off-campus academic pursuits.
  • Life and Career – Nourish the rich array of experiences that enable our students to develop their talents and leadership skills, including student organizations, Career Center programs, and more.
  • Carleton Athletic Initiative – Enrich physical education and recreation at Carleton, including 19 varsity teams, 25 club sports, and the intramural sports program.
  • MCAN Fellows – Provides support to sophomore or junior students of color seeking internships, research experiences, or other field-based opportunities that offer no or low compensation.
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity – Supports program infrastructure, operational expenses, and professional expertise necessary to foster meaningful equity and antiracism work on Carleton’s campus and beyond.

Visit the AAF homepage to learn more about the ways you can direct your gift within the Annual Fund — and what those dollars support.