The AAF Board provides critical strategic guidance for the Fund’s direction, goals, and policies, and serves as a valuable resource for class agents and AAF staff. Their work ensures the AAF remains alumni-driven and staff-supported. The AAF Board is not merely an advisory board, however. Each board member supports a range of classes and takes on many active tasks and projects each year.

Board members are here to serve as a resource for YOU. They can help you develop strategies for recruiting new team members, create outreach plans, and make the most of class brainstorming time during CAVE or on monthly conference calls. We hope you will reach out to your board members often to share ideas, ask questions, and strengthen your teams!

Members of the AAF Board of Directors are selected based on their passion and commitment to Carleton’s Alumni Annual Fund, along with an excitement to work on programs, projects, and tasks in collaboration with others.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Student Board Representatives

Aryan Arora ’24

Aryan Arora '24

Henry Moshfeghi ’25

Henry Moshfeghi '25
Melissa Albay ’90

Melissa Albay ’90

AAF Board Chair

I’m currently an Agility Engineer for a website development company in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve been volunteering for Carleton starting with my 5th-year reunion planning committee and working my way through Program Committee, 25th Reunion Committee, and Alumni Council roles. I am excited to be serving as the AAF Board Chair through fiscal year 2024 and channeling my time into championing alumni giving!

This is my fifth year volunteering for the Alumni Annual Fund Board. I volunteer because I enjoy continually renewing alumni connections and commitments to the college. I especially like to re-engage with alumni who have maybe been “away” from the college for a while, reinforcing the belief that they will always be a part of Carleton. Volunteering for Carleton is an incredibly energizing experience for me and I have the many wonderful alumni interactions I have made to thank for that.

Christine Furlanetto '67

Christine Furlanetto ’67 P’98

After graduating with a chemistry major, I headed straight to grad school (biochemistry) and then spent several years teaching before changing course, earning an MBA in 1986, and spending the rest of my working years in marketing research.

I volunteer for Carleton to help maintain its academic excellence, provide opportunities for current and future students, and adapt to changing times. As a long-time AAF class agent, I’m looking forward to my new role as an AAF Board member and a closer relationship with the Carleton community.

Nancy Dixon '72

Nancy Dixon ’72

A history major at Carleton, I graduated from Law School at the University of Colorado in 1977. I’m now retired from law practice and volunteer with several Kansas City community organizations in addition to my work with Carleton.

I am looking forward to serving on the AAF Board as we consider alumni giving in times of change and challenge.

I was drawn to the Annual Fund about 30 years ago because I wanted Carleton to maintain its academic excellence in the liberal arts and expand its community diversity. But I also learned to value the side benefits of volunteering including maintaining contact with my classmates and meeting Carls from many decades.

Pamela Montgomery '78

Pamela Montgomery ’78

After graduating with a history major, I went to law school and spent many years in public service as a civil rights attorney, military attorney in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and counsel for an agency in the federal judiciary working on criminal justice policy. I currently work as chief of staff for a local government official.

I have volunteered for Carleton for many years as a representative to local high schools and helping to plan class reunions. I volunteer for Carleton to give back to an institution that was so valuable in expanding my horizons and opportunities. I want to see other students have the same opportunity for a first-class education and a wonderful college experience.

Britt Olander '82 P20

Britt Olander ’82, P’20

I graduated from Carleton in 1982 with an Economics major. After 35 years working at a health insurer in Chicago, my wife and I have recently moved to Missoula, Montana. I have volunteered for several years to the Alumni Annual Fund and served as an Alumni Admissions Representative. In addition to supporting Carleton, I spend time playing tennis, running, and enjoying the beauty of Montana.

Volunteering at Carleton provides me with an opportunity to help others benefit, as I did, from attending Carleton.

Ted Weldon ’83 P’25

Ted Weldon ’83 P’25

Bio coming soon

Natalie Spadaccini Rosenberg '91 P25

Natalie Spadaccini Rosenberg ’91 P’25

I graduated from Carleton in 1991, with a major in Political Science and a Concentration in Spanish Language and Area Studies. After Carleton, I attended Northwestern University School of Law. My first volunteer role at Carleton was during my Senior year, when I was Class Agent. This is a role that I have held on and off since graduation, and I was also on the Class of 1991’s 25th Reunion Planning Committee.

Carleton has always been a volunteer priority for me because I deeply value not only the education I received at Carleton, but also having had the opportunity to attend a college with such a strong identity and sense of community. I was excited to join the AAF Board last year to help enable the College to be even better for future generations of Carls.

Andy Wilson '91

Andy Wilson ’91 P’24

I enjoy traveling with my family, watching sports, reading, and hanging out with my dogs when I have free time.

I’ve served in many different volunteer roles at Carleton, including Alumni Council, first chairman of Alumni Career Board, Club Chair (KC) and various AAF Class and AAR roles. I’ve been involved in a number of non-Carleton volunteer activities, including serving as the Treasurer of Geneva Library Foundation and Literacy KC.

I received so much from Carleton and my liberal arts education. I volunteer to pay it forward to future generations.

Sandy Glick '93

Sandy Glick ’93

I am an economist in the mailing shipping industry. I’ve been actively involved in my class’s fundraising efforts since my 25th reunion in 2018 and joined the AAF Board in 2021. I’m an avid yogi, cyclist, foodie, and traveler.

I volunteer to broaden access to a great education and because it’s a lot of fun.

Susi Votruba '95 P25 P27

Susi Votruba ’95 P’25 P’27

I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from UW-Madison. I am currently working as a clinical scientist at the NIDDK/NIH in Phoenix, AZ. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, reading, knitting, and traveling when able. I have volunteered for Carleton since my 5th reunion – sometimes for giving, sometimes for planning.

I volunteer for Carleton because Carleton people are some of the best people I have ever met. I value my experiences there and would like others to have access to the same.

I was a biology major at Carleton

Christie Martin '00

Christie Martin ’00

I was a Latin American Studies Major (Class of ’00) and have been a perpetual student ever since Carleton: I finished a Master of Public Health in Community Health Education from the University of Minnesota (UMN) as well as a Leadership in Health Information and Technology for Healthcare Professionals, a Master of Nursing, and, recently, a PhD in Nursing from the UMN School of Nursing. My research interests include health equity, health promotion, and informatics, and I will be teaching Interprofessional Health Care Informatics to Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) students and Nurse as Professional to Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) students.

I love Carleton! It (and obviously the amazing professors) laid the foundation for all of my years of learning that followed (and continues). I am grateful for a solid educational foundation and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Luke Hasskamp '03

Luke Hasskamp ’03

I am currently an attorney (business litigation) living in Long Beach, CA. I have volunteered for Carleton ever since graduation, doing Annual Fund, Admissions, and Reunion work. (A few more years, and I think I get a free sandwich at Hogan Bros!) I also used to work in the Alumni Affairs (!) Office, with Becky Zrimsek ’89, Brent Nystrom ’92, and other gluttons for punishment. My current interests include the Peloton app, completing Google Doc forms, and the search for yeti. I also like making pizza.

Steve Lewis told me that you are a part of Carleton and Carleton is a part of you. I can’t say no and really had no choice.

I was an Economics major at Carleton.

Kate Russell '07

Kate (Knutson) Russell ’07

As the Senior Director of Advancement at Little Free Library, I help raise money to fulfill our mission of building community, inspiring readers, and increasing book access.

I was a reunion committee co-chair for my 5th, 10th, and 15th reunions, as well as class agent for 2007 most years since graduation. I have been an Alumni Admissions Representative since graduation and served on the AAR board, including time as co-chair.

Volunteering for Carleton is an important (and fun!) part of my experience as a Carleton alumna. I feel deeply honored and lucky that I attended Carleton and treasure my connections with classmates, professors, and staff members–I can’t imagine my life without them. Volunteering for Carleton allows me to give back to an institution that made a significant difference in my life, all while paying it forward for the next generation of Carls.

I live in the Twin Cities with my husband, son, and dog. I enjoy reading, cooking, trying new restaurants and breweries, and traveling. I was a Political Science major at Carleton.

Jerry McIntyre III

Jerry McIntyre ’11

I work at an early-stage aerospace startup that is developing in-orbit satellite refueling technology (“Gas Stations in Space”). In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, exploring Colorado, and playing guitar/attending live music events.

I started volunteering at Carleton in 2011 on my Senior Gift Committee, and I’ve been actively involved with the AAF since graduation. I volunteer for Carleton because I had a wonderful experience and I want to pay it forward and make sure current and future students thrive at Carleton.

Tenzin Nordon '11

Tenzin Nordon ’11

After graduating from Carleton as a Biology major, I made an intentional decision to pursue my passion: college access/education. Since then, I have worked in direct service, program development, communications, and project management roles within education programs and institutions. Currently, I am a grant management professional working in Catholic Education.

At Carleton, I discovered my love of working in and leading organizations and clubs. I was involved in Team Tibet, Badminton club, Choir, KRLX, ACT Volunteer Center to name a few. When it came time for me to look into graduate school, I decided to get an M.A. in Organizational Leadership where I could merge my professional and my community work together. My master’s thesis explored Tibetan Women Leaders’ development and journey in the exile Tibetan community.

I love to travel, am a big foodie, and enjoy listening to music from around the world, especially Korean pop (Kpop) and Bollywood (India). I have lived in Minnesota since I immigrated here in 1998 and am very involved in the Tibetan community here.

Samir Bhala '12

Samir Bhala ’12

I live in Chicago and work in Pricing Insights at ALDI US, the third-largest grocery store chain in the US, where I measure the impact of price changes on units sold, revenue, and profit. I enjoy exploring Chicago, trying new restaurants, watching sports, swimming, running, dancing, and karaoke.

Carleton immeasurably changed my life. I want to ensure the same level of services that allowed me to thrive would not only be available but be enhanced, for the next generation of Carleton students.

Mary Baumgartner '18

Mary Baumgartner ’18

As of Fall 2022, I am pursuing a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Madison-Wisconsin so that I may help others better understand how fiscal policy is central to social justice issues. Additionally, I work with the Homes for All, which is a statewide coalition in Minnesota that advocates for safe, stable, affordable housing for all Minnesotans. While at Carleton, I served as a program director for Adopt-a-Grandparent and was also involved with Take Back the Tap and Save the Boundary Waters.

To make Carleton a stronger institution, alumni engagement is essential. I volunteer because I want other young adults to have access to a Carleton education and experience that is even better than mine was.

Andrew Ruvkun '18

Andrew Ruvkun ’18

I’m currently in grad school pursuing a Master in Public Policy & MBA at Harvard and Dartmouth.

Outside of school, you can catch me going for a run, watching my favorite New York sports teams not win, playing a word game, nerding out about some transportation-related topic, and wishing I was petting my dog.

Since graduating, I’ve worked with the AAF to organize my five-year reunion, served as a class agent, and served as an Alumni Admission Representative.

My professional interest is to create the next generation of transportation infrastructure and mass transit in the US (but like many Carls, I have a pretty broad set of potential professional interests – go liberal arts!).

I want to make sure that future generations of Carls can access the opportunities I had as a student and more. What makes Carleton so special is the people – they’re unassuming, quietly determined, and just make great company. I have a personal policy of going up to anyone on the street in Carleton swag. Without fail, every interaction reinforces how great the Carleton community is. My four years at Carleton have shaped where I am today and I want to pay it forward. Also, it’s fun!