The AAF Board provides critical strategic guidance for the Fund’s direction, goals, and policies, and serves as a valuable resource for class agents and AAF staff. Their work ensures the AAF remains alumni-driven and staff-supported. The AAF Board is not merely an advisory board, however. Each board member supports a range of classes and takes on many active tasks and projects each year.

Board members are here to serve as a resource for YOU. They can help you develop strategies for recruiting new team members, create outreach plans, and make the most of class brainstorming time during CAVE or on monthly conference calls. We hope you will reach out to your board members often to share ideas, ask questions, and strengthen your teams!

Members of the AAF Board of Directors are selected based on their passion and commitment to Carleton’s Alumni Annual Fund, along with an excitement to work on programs, projects, and tasks in collaboration with others.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

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