Natur in der Stadt

6 June 2022
By Beth Kautz and Meagan Tripp

Level: A2-B1

Description: This activity was included in a chapter on free time and where people live. After using just the Deutsche Welle video on rooftop gardens for many years, I decided to make vocabulary slides to better scaffold the new vocabulary. Students learn and practice vocabulary talking about their own experiences with yards, gardens, and parks adjacent or near their home. The discussion encourages students to think about diverse experiences in access to green spaces and what role nature plays in their daily lives.

Learning Goals:

  • Students will learn vocabulary related to the natural world in their neighborhoods and the activities people do in their yards or in a park.
  • Students will see examples of rooftop gardens in Berlin and hear residents talk about why they like to garden.
  • Students will reflect on and discuss their own access to and connection with nature, both as a child and in the future.


  • The slides can be assigned as homework and then reviewed in class.
  • The video can also be assigned as homework and then worked with more in class.
  • The discussion questions work best if students have time to reflect and write before sharing in a small group.
  • You can use the different parts across several days, depending on your course schedule and format.

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