Baumhäuser & Aktivismus im Hambacher Forst

27 June 2022
By Nick Ott

Target Level: A2-B1

Description: The appended worksheet helps second or third-semester university students of German understand and apply multiple perspectives of and avenues for environmental activism in Germany and the United States. Through a review of module verbs and vocabulary relevant to the home and eco-criticism, students are enabled to create and explore activism specific to the Hambacher Forst in Germany and in their own city/region.

Learning Goals: By engaging with this seven-step worksheet, students will:

  • engage with culturally-relevant themes of environmental activism in Germany
  • review German modal verbs
  • review German home vocabulary and Redemittel necessary to discuss eco-criticism
  • develop their own materials about implementing “greener” practices in their city/region

Methods/Approaches: Schemata activation activities (A, C), listening comprehension (E), speaking activities (B, F), critical analysis (D), and group writing activities (F) are included in this material.

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