Leben wir in einer Wegwerfgesellschaft?

25 July 2022

Target Level: B1 (lower intermediate, can be made more or less difficult) Description: The “Wegwerfgesellschaft” worksheet is designed to help students consider how they interact with the environment both consciously…

Baumhäuser & Aktivismus im Hambacher Forst

27 June 2022

Target Level: A2-B1 Description: The appended worksheet helps second or third-semester university students of German understand and apply multiple perspectives of and avenues for environmental activism in Germany and the…

Natur in der Stadt

6 June 2022

Level: A2-B1 Description: This activity was included in a chapter on free time and where people live. After using just the Deutsche Welle video on rooftop gardens for many years,…

Teaching Environments: Workshop on German Ecological Thought in the Classroom

5 May 2022

Teaching Environments: Workshop on German Ecological Thought in the Classroom On April 11, 2022, the German and Dutch Graduate Students Association of the University of Wisconsin–Madison hosted a virtual workshop…

University of Chicago Undergraduate Germanic Studies Conference 2022: Klimapolitik und die Koalition

1 February 2022

The University of Chicago is hosting an online undergraduate Germanic Studies Conference where students will discuss public policy in the context of the new German government’s climate agenda. Students are…

Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German Special Section on “Sustainability and Community Engagement in German Studies”

1 February 2022

Kiley Kost, Dan Nolan, and Seth Peabody served as co-curators for a section of essays entitled “Sustainability and Community Engagement in German Studies” in the Fall 2021 issue of the…

Schnitzeljagd: Nachhaltigkeit auf dem Campus

8 July 2021

Description For this small project students are given a sustainability map of campus, featuring between 4 – 6 stations. Using the German language map, students navigate to each station, where…

Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “Der Tunnel”

8 July 2021

Wir bewegen uns auf Schienen, der Tunnel muss also irgendwo hinführen. Friedrich Dürrenmatt Target Level: B1-B2, C1-C2 Description: Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s short story “Der Tunnel” lends itself well to textual analysis…

Diigo social bookmarking site for German environmental topics

10 June 2021

This site, maintained by Beth Kautz at the University of Minnesota, provides a continually updated set of links to topics of interest for environmental issues in German-speaking countries.

Denkanstoß – Nachhaltigkeit

10 June 2021

Level: A1 – C2 Description: ‘Denkanstoß – Nachhaltigkeit’ can be part of a daily classroom routine. Students are asked to write a definition of the term ‘Nachhaltigkeit’ and afterwards they…