This project is a collaboration between researchers at Carleton College, University of Minnesota Duluth, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dan Nolan

Dan Nolan

Assistant Professor of German [Bio]
University of Minnesota Duluth

Dan teaches at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His work in literary criticism has concentrated on gestures of truthfulness in German and Russian literature of the 18th and 19th centuries, and applying approaches from critical theory to the study of digital culture and the digital humanities. He helped found the Mobile Language Learning Group and is working to facilitate engagement with Collaborative Online International Learning at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Nicole Fischer

Nicole Fischer

PhD Candidate in German [Bio]
University of Wisconsin-Madison

In 2016, Nicole Fischer graduated from the University of Regensburg. Her majors were German, Physical Education, and English as part of her teacher training. In addition, she received a M.A. in German Studies from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) in 2012. Her thesis focused on Novalis, his Heinrich von Ofterdingen, and the philosophy of nature of the German epoch of Romanticism.

Nicole’s interest in Environmental Humanities has guided her to pursue a PhD at UW-Madison with a future project that will view German literature through an ecocritical lens. Furthermore, she will complete a minor in the field of SLA and a Certificate in Environmental Humanities.

Our Team

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Henrie Friesen ’23

Henrie Friesen is a member of the Carleton College class of 2023. He came to Carleton excited at the prospect of engaging with the German department, and simultaneously developed strong interests in Computer Science (M), Environmental Studies/Sustainability (M), and Digital Arts (m). This project was the perfect intersection between these fields!

In his daily life, Henrie loves tossing a frisbee, cooking tasty meals, and taking long roadtrips.

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Ella Hein ’23

Hi! My name is Ella (she/her/hers) and I’m a sophomore  at Carleton. My major interests lie in sustainability, german studies, art and chemistry. I am so excited to be able to work on a project that ties many of these together! I have always found that Carleton is great in that way. I love that this project gives me a chance to work closely with my professors while developing web design skills and learning about ecocriticism and community engagement within the context of German studies.

Outside of school I am involved in sustainability on campus and work closely with food systems in particular as a sustainability ambassador for Bon Appétit. I also am involved with the nordic ski club, am an avid runner, and love spending any of my free time in the Arb.

Photo of Kiley Kost
Kiley Kost Bio
Lecturer in German
Off Campus: Fall 2022
Photo of Seth Peabody
Seth Peabody Bio
Assistant Professor of German

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