Saying Goodbye to Prof. Sigi Leonhard

22 May 2018

After teaching at Carleton for over three decades, Sigi Leonhard retired in 2015 to be a full-time writer. However, she unretired just one year later, in the fall of 2016, and has been back at Carleton teaching German language classes and courses on literature and culture, such as German poetry and immigration/migration in Germany. Last fall, she led the Berlin program together with David Tompkins.

Even though her first retirement ended up being rather short, she managed to write a play, “Truth Serum,” that had its first public reading at the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis, just last month.

Sigi will enjoy her second retirement for exactly three summer months, after which she will re-unretire to teach at St. Thomas, in St. Paul. Please keep your fingers crossed that one of these days, absconding from academia will actually work out for her. And stay tuned.

Sigi Leonhard  Sigi Leonhard