Meet our German Major 2019!

24 September 2018

Ich heiße Jimmy. Ich komme aus Dallas und Deutsch ist mein Hauptfach (Major)! I didn’t discover my interest in German language and history until my first year at Carleton. I simply wanted to learn a new language and found a new culture.

Germany and its German-speaking neighbors hold a rich history of philosophers, literature, and music that remains relevant to study today. In my three years of German studies, I have learned that a central theme in literature is identity and figuring out who the German people are. Attempts to reunite the country through common language and Goethe’s work showed Germany’s willingness to enter the global stage. Its function as an economic powerhouse makes it especially relevant to European political relations today. I spent my junior fall term abroad, as a Berliner, with my host mom Katrin and her son Yannic. We lived in the northeast Kiez called Prenzlauer Berg and attended the Mauerpark market on Sundays. The picture on the left was taken on the last official night of the program at a restaurant called “Maximillians” in Mitte. I highly recommend the Schweinshaxe.

During this term, I learned to throw in “ach so” in any German conversation and to appreciate the savory döner kebab, which is a Turkish-imported sandwich similar to the Mexican torta. My love of Fußball then took me to the Olympic stadium for a match between Hertha and FC Schalke. While in Berlin, I studied the dark history of the stadium during the 1936 Olympics. Berlin’s historical background and youthfulness gives me the sense that I will return soon both as a scholar and a tourist.

In my free time, I enjoy playing club soccer and IM with the German club team FKK. I also love ‘90s era movies and a good game of chess.

German Major Jimmy Collazo '19