German Faculty News April 2023

12 April 2023

What have German faculty been up to at the start of Spring term?

Kiley Kost, Seth Peabody, and Juliane Schicker participated in the third bi-annual conference of the Diversity, Decolonization and the German Curriculum collective from March 31-April 2. The three-day virtual conference, which Kiley Kost helped organize, was an interactive, workshop-based event aimed at creating just outcomes and assessments in language-oriented programs that center questions of decolonization, student experiences, and social justice. The conference report and the two documents generated from the discussions are posted on the DDGC blog

Seth Peabody published a chapter titled “Heimat for One? Spaces of Community and Disability in Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Arbeit und Struktur and Tschick“ in the volume Heimat and Migration: Reimagining the Regional and the Global in the Twenty-First Century. The chapter draws on theories from disability studies and cultural geography as well as discussions of Heimat discourse–and it also features an analysis of a film that you may have watched in German 103!