GERM 103 Finishes Virtual Project with German High School

30 May 2018

During their spring term 2018, two Carleton Intermediate German classes virtually collaborated on projects about the film The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum with a German high school class at the Gymnasium Stadtfeld in Wernigerode, Germany. Guided by German teacher Dr. Claudia Schicker in Wernigerode and Prof. Josiah Simon and Prof. Juliane Schicker here at Carleton, 22 Carls and 28 students from Wernigerode discussed questions concerning the power of media and public opinion, structural violence, and abuse of power with the help of the 1974 book and 1975 film The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum. The film follows a young woman’s life who is scrutinized by the police and tabloid press after she spends a night with a suspected terrorist. Students on both continents made timely connections between U.S.-American and German media, fake news, the police apparatus, and terroristic threats. The students also got to know each other personally via WhatsApp, Facetime, Email or other social media and may even stay in contact after the program has ended. If you want to watch the film, check it out on Carleton’s Kanopy Website! Thanks to the Carleton College Center for Community and Civic Engagement for their support for ACE classes.

GERM 103 2018