Four German students awarded Kuennecke Fellowships (June 2022)

1 June 2022

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022 Kuennecke Fellowship! The Kuennecke Fellowship was established to promote immersion in and engagement with German-speaking cultures through study programs, internships, research, and other opportunities in German-speaking countries.

This year’s awards go to Jens Bartel ’25, Ethan Masadde ’25, Sophie Quinn ’25, and Zak Sather ’23.

Zak Sather ’23 will use the funds to support summer break research in Germany and Austria. He will be researching the US occupation of Austria and Germany after World War II. 

Sophie Quinn ’25 and Ethan Masadde ’25 both plan to complete internships after the Carleton OCS program in Berlin ends this fall. The Kuennecke Fellowships will help cover the program and travel costs in Germany.

Jens Bartel ’25, will use the funds to support travel and program costs on the Carleton OCS program in Berlin this fall. 

Congratulations to Jens, Ethan, Sophie, and Zak!

Applications are accepted annually. Students interested in applying for the 2023 Kuennecke Fellowships can find more information here