German (GERM)

Russian and German Dept. Chair: Professor Laura Goering
German Section Head Professor: Juliane Schicker

Why Take German?

If we only had two sentences to convince you to learn German, then these sentences would be: German can take you almost everywhere. AND Our students of German are an amazing bunch of people!

In our changing global environment, communication and reflection are key to understanding yourself and other peoples and cultures. Studying German at any level will prepare you to be a more informed and more engaged global citizen while reflecting on your own goals and dreams.

Can I Major in it?

Students may enhance their German skills and verify their level of accomplishment by earning a Minor. Students who desire a higher level of linguistic proficiency and who want to deepen their knowledge of German culture can pursue a German Major.

How To Get Started?

Learning German begins with basic and intermediate language and culture study. The beginning and intermediate sequence consists of four semesters: German 101, 102, 103, and 204. Students beginning at Carleton take a placement test to determine the appropriate level German course for them.