A minor in German will provide you with competence in all the four skill areas of German (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and provide you with basic knowledge of the major literary, intellectual, and historical trends and texts of German-speaking cultures from the Enlightenment to today in various media. You will work with critical tools to analyze such texts on a basic level and will discuss contemporary issues of German-speaking countries.

You can now submit the “Declaration of a Minor Form” online.

Minor Requirements

36 credits beyond German 103 as follows:

  • 12 credits from courses numbered German 210-219
  • 12 credits from courses numbered 250 or higher, 6 of which must be at the 300 level
  • 12 elective credits of courses in German or courses in English related to German culture (these may include GERM 204 or 205, 150-159, as well as courses in related fields outside the German Department)
  • CCST 233: The Art of Translation in the Age of the Machine
  • HIST 250: Modern Germany · not offered in 2023-24
  • HIST 346: The Holocaust · not offered in 2023-24
  • LING 232: Structure and History of German · not offered in 2023-24

No more than 12 credits from non-Carleton off-campus studies programs may be applied toward the minor. Courses 101, 102 and 103 do not count toward the minor. AP, IB or other pre-matriculation credits do not count toward the minor.

Interested in a minor? Contact the German Minor coordinator, Prof. Seth Peabody.