German Comps

Students work on and finish their Comps (German Integrative Exercise, 6 credits) during their Senior Year. They produce a project in German studies and publicly present their work. This project can be an expansion from one of their courses in the major, connect topically with another major or minor the student is pursuing, or be independent from previous work. Students choose to produce a research essay, a translation project, or other creative work in consultation with their advisor. Students meet with potential advisors during the Spring term of their Junior Year to discuss the ideas for their projects and then work together with their advisor until completion before the end of Spring term of their Senior Year.

Previous Comps Projects

  • Elliot Stork ’22 “Rejecting Public Power Structures through Gender Presentation: Charlotte von Mahlsdorf’s Life in the GDR” (Advisor: Juliane Schicker)
  • Marcella Jurotich ’21 “Unrealized Dreams: The Impossibility of Traversing Boundaries in Die größere Hoffnung” (Advisor: Kiley Kost)
  • Emily Wight ’21 “The Space Between: Gender Nonconformity in Weimar Queer Cinema” (Advisor: Juliane Schicker)
  • Ginnie White ’21 “Imagining Germany: Fairy Tales and Nation Building” (Advisor: Kiley Kost)
  • Olivea Eaton ’20 “Performances of Identity in German Cosplay” (Advisor: Kiley Kost)
  • Luke Westawker ’20 “Germany’s Renewable Energy Movement; A Case Study of the Varied Effects of the Energiewende on Freiburg & Munich” (Advisor: Kiley Kost)
  • Jimmy Collazo ’19 “The Sound of Berlin: A Historical Analysis of the Techno Scene in Reunified Berlin” (Advisor: Juliane Schicker)
  • Julia Gross ’18 “Uncovering Johann van Eyck und seine Nachfolger” (Advisor: Juliane Schicker)
  • Briannon Carlsen ’17 “Translation of Juli Zeh’s Gute Nacht, Individualistinnen and Vater Staat und Mutter Demokratie” (Advisor: Juliane Schicker)
  • Kate Higgins ’17 “Die Erzählungen von Oppenheimer “(Advisor: Juliane Schicker)
  • Jacob Gunderson ’17 “The Dictator and the Writer: An Analysis of the Relationship between Stalin and Brecht through Politics and Theater” (Advisor: Sigi Leonhard)