Critical German Studies: A Blog

22 January 2021
By Kiley Kost

This will be a space for the German program to discuss what we mean by “Critical German Studies.” Every four weeks or so, we will publish a blog post about topics, methods, courses, curriculum, history, and other relevant themes that contribute to our goal of approaching German Studies critically.

Topics may include:

  • How can we learn and teach in ways that reflect the diversity of German cultures and of our students?
  • How can studying a European colonizer’s language be used to combat oppression and dismantle white supremacy? 
  • How can we reexamine familiar texts in light of social change? 
  • What critical methods and theories can enable rigorous, engaged, and empowering study and creation of cultural texts?
  • How can studying and interpreting German cultures and history help us understand, reflect on, and engage with contemporary issues?