These charts and graphs explain the environmental and economic impacts of the Utilities Master Plan. Click to expand the graphs and view short descriptions.

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30-year Cost Comparison: Steam vs. Geothermal
30-year Cost Comparison: Steam vs. Geothermal
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Project Construction Timeline

This timeline details the three phases of the Utility Master Plan. Key points include the geothermal bore fields will be operational by 2019, with the campus fully converted to hot water heat and turning off its steam system by 2022.

Phase One includes upgrades to the east side of campus, the East Energy Station (where the equipment for the geothermal system will be housed), and the three geothermal bore fields.
Phase Two includes upgrades to the west side of campus and the central plant (where the current equipment is housed for heating and cooling).
Phase Three is to be determined what type of renewable energy will compliment Carleton’s system the best.