The Department of Geological Sciences at the University of North Carolina – recruiting M.S. and Ph.D students for Fall 2021

20 November 2020

The Department of Geological Sciences at the University of North Carolina is actively recruiting M.S. and Ph.D students for Fall 2021.  We would be grateful if you would hang the enclosed poster in your department and bring our program to the attention of your graduating students.   

We are a close-knit department with a strong and diverse faculty, and excellent graduate students.  Our research program addresses a broad range of disciplines, with focuses on low- and high-temperature geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleobiology, geochronology, petrology, seismology, volcanology, tectonics, coastal processes and geomorphology, hydrology, surface processes, and water resources.  

In addition to offering the standard research and teaching assistantships, and Graduate School Fellowships, a generous endowment within our department allows us to provide a range of additional funding opportunities to all of our graduate students, including summer support, fellowships, research grants, travel grants, and a laptop computer.  

Our application deadline is December 15th.  Although this is slightly earlier than some, and we can accept applications into January. Meeting this December deadline allows students to be considered for fellowships provided by the Graduate School.  Students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4-point scale may be eligible for waiver of the application fee.  The poster includes contact information and we would be delighted to hear from interested students from your program.