Paid Internship at the FBI Laboratory assisting in research in Forensic Geology/Soils

3 November 2021

The FBI Laboratory conducts forensic soil examinations and seeks to improve this process through research and development.  The FBI seeks paid interns, compensated through the ORISE “Visiting Scientist Program,” with background and interest in mineralogy to participate in this research and development effort. Ideally, a candidate would have interest and experience use of petrographic microscopes, but in this project, the participant will gain familiarity with a wide range of analytical methods. 

What this program is:

The FBI offers paid internships through the “Visiting Scientist Program”, offered in 1-year increments, but renewable for up to 4 years, administered through ORISE.  Submit an application — type FBI into the field “find your opportunity” or go directly to the posting. If you do submit an application, please inform Libby Stern to ensure a timely review of your application. The application process and background investigation are VERY SLOW, so please consider applying at least 6 to 12 months prior to the start of the program.

Program Requirements:

  1. US citizenship required.
  2. Must be willing and able to pass a background check for top secret clearance.  Applicants should consider if there are associations or actions which might prevent granting a clearance.
  3. Must be within 5 years of being a student at a university.   
  4. (temporary) Until further notice, all FBI visiting scientists must attest to receiving a COVID-19 of vaccination or provide a legitimate medical or religious exemption.
  5. Because FBI visiting scientists might be in proximity to evidentiary items, all FBI visiting scientists must be willing to submit a personal DNA sample.  These DNA profiles are then available to compare as a source of contamination.


Visiting Scientist Program participants are expected to put in a full-time effort and be compensated based on their highest academic degree.  Compensation is a “fellowship” and thus does not include ANY benefits.   Current compensation rates are BS $3400/month; MS $4200/month; PhD $5200/month, with annual increases with each year of participation.


FBI Laboratory, Quantico, VA. (cost of living is high in this region)