Global Climate Change and Earth’s Icy Places

6 November 2017

Global Climate Change and Earth’s Icy Places”- Northfield Public Library – Tuesday Nov. 14 – 7 pm

Dr. Robert Jacobel is a Professor of Physics Emeritus at St. Olaf College and a geophysicist who has been working in the US Antarctic Program since 1987. His research group at St. Olaf has been engaged in remote sensing studies of the earth’s ice masses using satellite imagery and ice-penetrating radar to explore the environment above, within and below the ice.  In collaboration with other scientists, he has been attempting to answer questions about the past and future of the world’s ice masses in response to climate change. His talk at the Northfield Public Library will focus on the state of the cryosphere today and climate research in Greenland, Antarctica and other icy places, describing changes now underway and prospects for the future.  This program is free and open to the public.  For more information please call the library at 507-645-6606


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