12 May 2017

What: GIS Lab Student Worker Show-And-Tell

When: Common times on Week 8 Tuesday (5/16) and Thursday (5/18)

Location: Goodsell 03 (classroom in Goodsell basement)

Pizza will be provided.  

Tuesday – ArcMap Data Editing Techniques for Topology

For certain uses, correct topology. e.g. connectivity, containment, adjacency, coincidence, in geospatial data is essential.  How can we detect topology error in data?  What are the data editing tools we can use to ensure correct topology or repair topology errors in our data?  Yijun Wang ​(2018, Computer Science/Geology) ​will share ways to address these questions in Esri ArcMap on May 16.

Thursday – OpenStreetMap (OSM)​

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative mapping platform that functions like a Wikipedia for maps and can be invaluable source of free-to-access, free-to-use spatial data. What kinds of data can you get from OSM?  What are the limitations of the OSM platform and its data? How can you extract data from OSM and turn it into a format that will be useful for your project or analysis? Simon Bilsky-Rollins​ (2018, Computer Science)​ will answer these questions in his presentation on May 18.

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