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  • The Carleton Geology Facebook Group Is Growing

    7 January 2009

    We’re entering the 21st century!

    A Facebook group called “Carleton College Geology” was created for our students and alums in February, 2008.  By the end of 2008 the group had 188 members, and it’s still growing.  The membership of the group consisted of 81% geology and ENTS majors (both students and alums), 10% Carls of other majors, and 9% non-Carleton alums.  This last group includes Carleton staff and faculty and their family members as well as siblings and friends of geology majors.

    The ages of the Carleton student/alum members were:    

    Class Year Fraction of Group
    2009-2012 (students) 15%
    2000-2008 43%
    1990-1999 30%
    1980-1989 8%
    1970-1979 4%

    Facebook was founded at Harvard University in 2004, and was expanded to some other colleges and high schools in the following couple of years.  In late 2006 it was made available to the general public.  For a more thorough description of Facebook and its history, see the Wikipedia article on Facebook.

    All the members of the Carleton Geology family are invited to join our Facebook group!

  • Dr. Jan Tullis ’65

    February 9, 2006 – The Geological Society of America Division of Structural Geology and Tectonics has awarded Jan Tullis ’65 its Career Contribution Award for 2005. The presentation was at the annual meeting of the GSA in October.

    In her citation for the award, nominator Jane Selverstone said, “One experiment at a time, Jan’s work over the last 35 years has quantified relationships between stress, strain rate, pressure, temperature, chemical environment, deformation mechanisms, flow laws, and deformation microstructures in common crustal materials.

    “Much of what we know today about crustal rheology and fabric development is built on a foundation of Jan’s experiments.

    “In addition to influencing the field through her own work, Jan has played an invaluable role as a mentor to many young scientists from the U.S. and abroad, and as a dedicated advisor to legions of Brown University undergraduates.”

    The full citation and Jan’s response is available here.

  • The Carleton Network For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Geology and Natural History Alums was six years old and had 29 members in 1996 when this article appeared in the Carleton Geology Newsletter. But in 1990 when the network was organized we viewed it as a good idea but something of an experiment. Whereas the Geology Department and the college had extended significant support resources to students who were members of racial and ethnic minorities, we were not reaching out nearly as much to assist the significant but invisible minority of our students who are LGBT. It turns out we have and always have had LGBT students, but for many years we did not realize it.