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Chair: Professor Cam Davidson

Students who discover in themselves a sense of excitement about the environment, mountains, climate change, volcanoes, fossils, rivers and earthquakes will find a good home in the Carleton College Geology Department. The geology department retains a spirit of exploration and adventure; fieldwork in the out of doors is central to our curriculum. The geology curriculum is flexible, rigorous, and rooted in the traditions of a liberal arts education.

Can I major in it?

Yes, a major is offered. Learn more about the major.

Topics explored:

A wide variety of topics are covered in the geosciences including earthquakes, glaciers, volcanoes, fossils, minerals, climate change, water, and plate tectonics. See a complete list of Geology Courses offered.

How to get started:

First-year students should take GEOL 100: Geology in the Field, or GEOL 110: Introduction to Geology, GEOL 115: Climate Change in Geology, or GEOL 120: Introduction to Environmental Geology. The department also offers fall and spring departmental field trips over mid-term break, which are open to anyone taking a geology course. For those already considering becoming a Geology Major, taking courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry is a good idea.

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Contact one of our Student Department Assistants (SDAs): 2019-2020 Nora Mertz & Jordan Shapiro

SDAs for 2020-2021 Gabe Lobet & Jacyn E. Schmidt