• Any introductory geology (100 level) course that includes a laboratory section (the requirement for introductory geology may be waived for juniors who come to geology from another science major).
  • 36 credits from the 200- and 300-level Geology course offerings. (42 credits if the introductory geology requirement was not completed).  Six credits toward the major can be counted from any single off-campus program where appropriate, with a maximum of twelve credits toward the major from all off-campus programs. Geology students should take three or four 200-level courses before taking 300-level courses.
  • Six credits of Geology 400, Integrative Exercise and attend seminars associated with comps fall, winter and spring terms senior year (students planning to spend a term off-campus during senior year should attend the appropriate seminars during junior year).
  • Six credits of Physics from courses numbered 131 and above;
  • Six credits of Chemistry from courses numbered 123 and above;
  • Twelve credits of Mathematics from courses numbered 111 (101) and above; Computer Science courses numbered 111 and above may count for six credits of the mathematics requirement.

Geology majors are encouraged to participate in a recognized field camp and take part in summer research opportunities.

These requirements for the geology major are considered to be minimal; students planning a career in geosciences should take several additional courses in mathematics and other sciences as well as geology.

Students interested in earth science education should discuss their plans with the Educational Studies department because a number of specific courses must be taken for teacher certification.

Note: Students may receive credit for only one 100-level geology course.