Thank you for your interest in becoming a Geology Teaching Assistant. Teaching Assistants are an important part of the Geology Department at Carleton College. They help make classes better in several ways including actively teaching students, serving as peer counselors, being role models for intellectual growth, and helping to improve the efficient use of faculty time. A rich and diverse curriculum requires an active and engaged group of teaching assistants.

Geology Teaching Assistant Hiring Procedures

  • Students approach a faculty (or vice-versa) to inquire about TA opportunity around registration time.
  • Faculty will coordinate with admin assistant regarding work requests to Student Financial Aid.
  • Student employment is coordinated by the Student Financial Aid Office.  In most cases returning students are able to work up to 10 hours/wk. Please feel free to contact Student Financial Aid to find out how many hours you qualify for and if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Once you have received your student work assignment you will need to complete the necessary forms with the Human Resources Office. Please feel free to contact Human Resources with any questions or concerns.
  • Training as a group will be set up with the technical director.

Listed below are a sample of the some of the obligations when you become a teaching assistant:

Teaching Assistant Duties

  • Attend weekly meeting with Professor to discuss upcoming lab and expectations.
  • Arrive ahead of lab time for setup and be ready to work through the entire lab period, and any time required for lab cleanup.
  • Many courses require you to establish office hours and keep to the schedule.
  • You need to be thoroughly familiar with the Geology Department’s Safety Plan and help see that it is followed. Training will be provided by Jonathon.
  • Depending upon the course, you may be asked to help with weekend field trips.
  • Professors will expect you to help grade labs or quizzes, set up equipment, prepare samples, and so on.
  • In most cases you will also need to become a Campus Driver (further info below)

Equipment & Logistics

  • You will help keep equipment clean and returned to storage, keep specimens organized and returned to storage, and help with general cleanliness in the labs.
  • If field trip equipment such as Bruntons, acid bottles, map boards, hard hats, measuring tapes or sticks, etc. are for use during lab, then lab assistants are responsible for collecting the equipment before and at the conclusion of the lab and returning it to its home.


  • There are a few steps to follow including a defensive driving training class to qualify as an Authorized Student Driver. Campus Student Driver information can be found at the campus services website.
  • Drivers need to pick up and return vans on time.
  • The vehicles need to be cleaned of litter and mud inside, and have at least a half tank of gas in them when they are returned.
  • Remember to fill out the vehicle log book.
  • Read the Tips For Field Trip Drivers.