Sep 28

Geology Interest / Pizza Party

Wed, September 28, 2022 • 7:00pm - 8:00pm (1h) • Anderson Hall 129
We are your geo SDAs for the year Grant and Lucille! We'd like to officially welcome you all to the geology department. You don't have to be a major to be on this list, just someone interested in geology.
We will be hosting a PIZZA PARTY this Wednesday, the 28th at 7pm. Location: The geo space (Anderson 129). This will be a get to know you time for meeting folks, asking questions, learning our faces, and general tomfoolery. We'd love to see you there but understand everyone has a busy schedule so if you can't make it, feel free to reach out to either of us at singerg@ or bakerstahll@ with any questions or if you'd like to set up a meeting. This will be the first of many events so don't worry if you miss it (but y'know, don't).
And if you come, Lucille will even show you pretty rock pics such as the Platteville limestone... or more of the Platteville limestone.
Rock on,
Grant "Just fell in spring creek" Singer
Lucille "1 Platteville + 2 Platteville = sadness" Baker-Stahl
Event Contact: Tami Little

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Geology Interest / Pizza Party
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