This page has links to approximately two thirds of the living geology-major alumni of Carleton College.

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Geology Alumni, 2020–2029

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Geology Alumni, 2010–2019

  • Adam Berkebile ’19 is working on a Masters degree in Sustainable Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.
  • Natasha Dietz ’19 is working on a Master’s in Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Aaron Frankl ’19 is an Environmental Scientist at Houston Engineering in the Twin Cities.

2010s | 2000s | 1990s | 1980s | 1970s & earlier

Geology Alumni, 2000–2009

2010s | 2000s | 1990s | 1980s | 1970s & earlier

Geology Alumni, 1990–1999

2010s | 2000s | 1990s | 1980s | 1970s & earlier

Geology Alumni, 1980–1989

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Geology Alumni, 1970s and Earlier

  • George Bentley ’74 is a purchaser for Northern Ingredients, a food wholesaler in St. Paul.
  • Phil Brown ’74, a professor of economic geology at UW-Madison, studies fluid inclusions and more.  In this video he talks about what he loves about teaching geology that won him a 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award.
  • Peter Dixon ’74 is a Primary Care Internal Medicine Physician and Co-Director of the Reading2Connect reading-based dementia care program in Connecticut.
  • Ellen Smith ’74 is a retired environmental scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and is a member of the Oak Ridge City Council.
  • Ed Swain ’74 does research on the sources and effects of mercury pollution, and the effect of sulfate pollution on mercury methylation and other ecosystem effects of sulfate pollution.  He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota advising graduate students studying lakes, streams, and wetlands.

  • Roy Kruse ’71, after a long career as a manager for religious non-profits, is now an International Specialist at Goodword Partnership in the Twin Cities.
  • Karen Lubke ’71 owns Stoneking Geological Consultants in Texas.
  • Mark Reed ’71 is an Emeritus Professor of Economic Geology at the University of Oregon.