This page has links to approximately three quarters of the people who were geology majors at Carleton College.

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  • Jonathan Aronson ’09 is an Anesthesiology Resident at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science in Little Rock.
  • Kathryn Buckner ’09 is a Senior Staff Counsel at the South Carolina Administrative Law Court.
  • Lauren Colwell ’09 is a Senior Project Consultant at Environmental Resources Management in the Twin Cities.
  • Kirk Elsass ’09 is in graduate school in history at Montana State University-Bozeman.
  • Aaron Fricke ’09 finished his PhD in 2017 and then stayed on as a post-doc at the University of Washington to finish a project examining morphodynamics of the Ayeyarwady tidal river in Myanmar.
  • Mary Henke-Haney ’09 is an Education Associate for the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, and she’s on the board of directors of the sustainable gardening support group Gardening Matters in Minneapolis.
  • Justin LaMont ’09 is a Programmer/Analyst – CRM Systems with the Sierra Club in San Francisco.
  • Tiffany Cox Leonard ’09 is a Science Editor at Compuscript Limited in Champaign, Illinois.
  • Katie Marks ’09 lives at the intersection of marketing and science at Cielo in Milwaukee.
  • Maija Sipola ’09 is at the University of Iowa researching the application of geoarchaeological research methods to paleoanthropological sites.
  • Kristin Sweeney ’09 is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at The  University of Portland in Oregon. Here is her website.
  • Phil Varella ’09 is a Physical Science Technician in Paleontology at Badlands National Park in South Dakota.
  • Elizabeth Webb ’09 has begun a PhD program at the University of Florida in Gainsville.




  • Roy Kruse ’71, after a long career as a manager for religious non-profits, is now a Transit Operator at Schmitty and Sons Inc. in the Twin Cities.
  • Karen Lubke ’71 owns Stoneking Geological Consultants in Texas.
  • Mark Reed ’71 is a professor of economic geology at the University of Oregon.

1960s and earlier

  • Norris Jones ’59, is a retired geology professor at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.
  • Fred Marschner ’58 is a Financial Representative of Northwestern Mutual Life.
  • Dante Stephensen ’58 operated the legendary restaurant Dante’s Down The Hatch in Atlanta until it closed in 2013.  Dante also owns a private railroad car which was written up in the Smithsonian Magazine.
  • Pat Bickford ’54 is an emeritus professor of petrology at Syracuse University.
  • Gary Ernst ’53 is an emeritus professor of petrology and tectonics at Stanford University. Here’s his Wikipedia page.
  • George McGill ’53 is an emeritus professor of structural and planetary geology at the University of Massachusetts.
  • James Dorman ’49 is an emeritus research professor at the Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis.