Charlotte Alster ’12 Wins ESA’s Gene Likens Award For Soil Science

20 September 2021

University of California, Irvine, Treseder Lab

Congratulations to Dr. Charlotte Alster ’12, who was awarded the Ecological Society of America’s Gene Likens Award for 2021. The Gene Likens Award recognizes work conducted by an early-career scientist (within five years of receiving a Ph.D.) for work conducted after the completion of graduate school. She won the award for her publication, Embracing a new paradigm for temperature sensitivity of soil microbes, published in Global Change Biology. Dr. Alster completed this work while she was a postdoc in the Treseder Lab.

The ESA has over 9,000 members in a strong Biogeosciences community and at most one award is given out each year, so this is a notable achievement. Charlotte joined Louis Schipper’s team at the University of Waikato in New Zealand as a Research Associate at the beginning of this year on a Marsden Council grant focusing on temperature dependence of the biosphere.