Annie Boucher ’11 Helps Scientists Probe The Secrets Of The Glacier

19 July 2021

Carleton College Voice

It’s 2:00 a.m. A group of scientists and students are tucked into sleeping bags on top of a cliff outside Juneau, Alaska, taking advantage of the warm summer weather to spend the night under the stars instead of inside their tents. But at least one of them is not asleep.

“The northern lights!” the boy yells, as the telltale shimmer appears in the sky. “The lights! We don’t have this in Cleveland.”

Annie Boucher ’11 doesn’t mind being awakened by his outburst. The northern lights are unpredictable, and she’d hoped the students would get a chance to see them. She still remembers the excitement she felt when she first saw them herself as a student researcher atop the same glacier in 2012.

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