ATTN: We are sunsetting the WGST minor and it no longer exists except for students who declared before Fall 2020. For those declaring Fall 2020 and beyond, please see The Minor (GWSS).

The Women’s and Gender Studies minor offers students the opportunity to complement their major field with an interdisciplinary focus on women and gender.

Requirements for the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

Class of 2021 and 2022 only

Six courses will be required from the following three groups. The range of courses must include at least two disciplines.

  • Women’s and Gender Studies 110: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies or Women’s and Gender Studies 112: Introduction to LGBT/Queer Studies
  • Four courses (24 credits) from the list of GWSS & WGST Elective/Additional Course List. A variety of courses are by visitors or offered only occasionally and may be considered. Contact the director for consideration of other courses to satisfy this requirement.
  • Capstone Seminar: Sociology/Anthropology 325, Sociology/Anthropology 395, Women’s and Gender Studies 310, Women’s and Gender Studies 389 or Women’s and Gender Studies 396. Other advanced seminars may be substituted for the designated capstone seminar only with the approval of both the instructor and the Women’s and Gender Studies director.

OCS programs: You may count up to two 6-credit courses taken on either Carleton or non-Carleton OCS programs toward the requirements of the WGST major or minor.

OCS program courses cannot be substituted for core WGST courses on campus and will only count towards WGST electives.

Two WGSE courses will transfer and count as two WGST elective courses.

You will need to get all OCS program courses approved by the director of WGST.

Please note that these are the updated requirements that we will be adhering to. The registrar’s page may not have been updated to reflect this.