There are many student groups at Carleton that provide resources to the LGBTQIA+ community.

In addition to student organizations, Peer Leaders such as Resident Assistants, Student Wellness Advisors (SWAs), Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Peer Leaders, OIL Peer Leaders, and Gender and Sexuality Center Associates all receive training on sensitivity to LGBTQA+ issues and concerns. Many are also available as a resource for one-on-one advising and information on educational programming.

Asexual Community & Education (ACE)

ACE is a community group dedicated to creating a safe discussion and education space for those on or interested in the asexual and/or aromantic spectra. This group meets weekly to check in with members and discuss issues surrounding asexuality and aromanticism both within and outside of the Carleton community, and the definition of “surrounding” is pretty nebulous; we are mostly a safe social venue where we all feel comfortable speaking freely about our orientations when we feel like it. We also sponsor events to promote outreach, education, and visibility on campus.

Carleton Mutual Aid

Carleton Mutual Aid fund provides financial support to low-income, first-generation, and BIPOC students, with a goal of ending wealth inequality on campus. We believe that students, faculty, and alumni need to acknowledge their privilege and participate in the redistribution of generational wealth. With the mutual aid fund we have created, Carleton students request their desired amount using Venmo and we swiftly fulfill their request — no questions asked or extra labor needed. It is our obligation as a community to continue providing financial assistance to those who urgently need it.

Carleton’s a Drag

Carleton’s a Drag is a student organization dedicated to all things drag. We will learn skills of makeup, performance, and costuming, and will have watch parties of drag TV shows, as well as a regular student drag show.

Gender Minorities in Mathematics and Statistics (GeMMS)

GeMMS is a group for gender minorities (and their allies) in mathematics and statistics! We host events such as study hall, where we provide math/stats homework help, and Crafts and Conversation, where we invite a mathematician to campus and spend some time learning more about them and their mathematical journey.

Students for Reproductive Freedom

Students for Reproductive Freedom provides pro-choice activism opportunities each term through discussion, event planning, escorting, and workshops with an open, friendly, and respectful atmosphere. We work very closely with NARAL Pro-Choice MN so as to have the best access to current events. Our goal is to offer events every term that will allow for campus-wide discussion to be paired with student activism promoting reproductive justice frameworks.

Trans Masculine Group

This is a space to hang out with folks who identify as FTM or nonbinary.

Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (QTBIPOC)

QTBIPOC is an organization that brings together self-identified Queer, Questioning, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Color. It aspires to create a space for students to explore the complexities of their racial, cultural, national, gender, sex, class, and neurodivergent/typicality identities through discussion & activism. In creating a community of students from diverse backgrounds, QTBIPOC aims to actively increase the visibility and safety of underrepresented people inside and outside of Carleton.

The Women & Gender Minorities in CAMS Collective (GMICC)

GMICC is working to counter the cis-male domination in CAMS and the field of film more broadly. It creates a space for collaboration and community among women and gender minorities, and uplifts marginalized voices in communication with the department. Together, we work on brainstorming film ideas and techniques, and support each other in our filmmaking processes. We’ve also begun a series of ‘Artist Talks’, where GMICC hosts a featured Artist. Moving forward, we plan to maintain a strong GMICC community, foster an active crewing network for filmmakers, maintain the Artist Talk series, and expand our outreach and visibility.

Queer Spiritz

Queer Spiritz is a queer space of community and spirituality, hosted by the Chaplain’s Associates. This group meets to navigate and celebrate the relationships between spirituality and queerness in a confidential community.

Women and Nonbinary Individuals in Economics (WE+)

WE+ is a group for women and non-binary individuals interested in Economics to meet one another, get help with homework, and/or learn more about the Economics major or classes. We host various Economic related events and speakers throughout the year, including our annual bookclub over the summer.

Women of Color Plus (WOC+)

WOC+ is open to all people of color with marginalized gender identities as well as those who would like to receive emails about our group’s happenings. WOC+ is dedicated to creating a space for members to connect and support one another in order to achieve greater goals for Carleton and beyond. We host several events throughout the term to create social connections, share career development information, and promote wellness among BIPOC students.