The GSC sponsors two separate living communities for students at Carleton:

Henrickson House (QTBIPOC) aims to foster a communal, social, and programmatic space for queer & trans students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. It is open to all sophomore, junior and senior students by application. It houses up to 6 students.

Berg House (Rainbow House) is a space for anyone from LGBTQIA+ communities at Carleton who has an interest in living in a space that affirms each person’s unique journey with gender & sexuality and serves as a hub for broader LGBTQIA+ community engagement. It is open to all sophomore, junior and senior students by application. It houses up to 7 students.

Applications to live in either Henrickson House or Berg House for the 2023-24 academic year have closed. They will reopen in March 2024.

How are residents selected?

Students who are interested in living in GSC sponsored housing will go through the Interest House application process. Consideration for interest housing will be based on available spacing and commitment to upholding the House Charter. Decisions will be made by GSC Professional Staff.

What is the Spring 2023 application timeline?

March 1st: 2023-24 Interest House applications will open.

March 31st: Applications will close

April 3rd-13th: GSC Staff will conduct interviews with applicants

April 19th: Offers will be sent out

April 21st: Accept/decline deadline for applicants

April 24th: Final rosters will be posted

How can I learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about GSC sponsored housing, reach out to or apply to our office hours!

What are the house charters?

These charters are used to guide the house communities’ programming efforts and commitment to celebrating and supporting the students who live in GSC sponsored housing. These charters are not static documents and may be changed based on recommendations provided by the GSC Professional Staff and/or GSC-Sponsored Housing residents.

Henrickson/QTBIPOC House Charter

Berg/Rainbow House Charter

I’m a first-year student. What if I want an LGBTQIA+ roommate?

The Office of Residential Life & Housing coordinates housing assignments for first-year students. Each incoming first-year student will receive a housing form the summer before their first term. In this form, you will have space to specify your individual needs, identities, or concerns that might shape your housing experience. We welcome you to share what you feel comfortable sharing in this form so that Res Life is aware of your housing preferences.