Every year, the GSC staff host the Winter Book Club, a space for Carleton community members to gather over their love for LGBTQIA+ literature.

The Winter Book Club consists of three, 1-hour long sessions throughout January and February. Registration usually opens up at the end of Fall Term, and every registered participant receives a free copy of the book and a complimentary bookmark.

2024 Winter Book Club

This year, the Winter Book Club will be reading Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, a YA novel about a trans Latine sorcerer. Learn more about the book below:

Yadriel has summoned a ghost, and now he can’t get rid of him.

When his traditional Latinx family has problems accepting his gender, Yadriel becomes determined to prove himself a real brujo. With the help of his cousin and best friend Maritza, he performs the ritual himself, and then sets out to find the ghost of his murdered cousin and set it free.

However, the ghost he summons is actually Julian Diaz, the school’s resident bad boy, and Julian is not about to go quietly into death. He’s determined to find out what happened and tie up some loose ends before he leaves. Left with no choice, Yadriel agrees to help Julian, so that they can both get what they want. But the longer Yadriel spends with Julian, the less he wants to let him leave.

The book’s placement on the New York Times Bestseller List made history as the first book on the list by an openly transgender author featuring a transgender character.


The 2024 Winter Book club will meet in person three times during Winter Term in the GSC:  

  • Week 3 – January 18th, 5-6PM (Pg. 1-96)
  • Week 4 – January 25th, 5-6PM (Pg. 97-197)
  • Week 5 – February 1st, 5-6PM (Pg. 198-342)

Registered participants will receive a calendar invite for each session.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas. Three figures are lined up in front of each other on the center of a burgundy background. At the front is the main character, a Brown teenage boy with dark brown hair, parted to the side, and dark brown eyes. He is wearing a green button down shirt and is looking fervently towards the left. Behind him is a young Brown man with close-cropped dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is wearing a leather jacket with a beige hoodie underneath. Behind him is a humanoid skeleton, a goddess with burgundy robes and a crown of marigolds. Behind her is a massive yellow moon. Marigold petals drift all around them.