Pride Week is an annual, week-long, campus-wide celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride, which takes place in April due to summer break starting in June.

During Pride Week, the GSC and our campus partners host an array of events to give students the chance to build community, share their joy, and learn about LGBTQIA+ resources on campus.


The GSC’s Pride Celebrations honor the rich history of LGBTQIA+ Pride throughout the world. Pride events began in 1970, one year after the monumental riots at Stonewall. The first Pride, also known as the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, spanned 50 city blocks and had a few thousand participants. Now, Pride is celebrated across the globe with hundreds of thousands of people taking over streets and parks in celebration and memory of the progress that has been made in the way of resources and rights for LGBTQIA+ people worldwide.

The GSC hopes students, staff, and faculty will join us in celebration of Pride and the futures we can create as queer and trans people through persistent, dedicated, and intentional advocacy for ourselves and those whose voices can no longer be shared. 

A mural reads "We fight for Queer & Trans Futures." It features doodles and encouraging words written by LGBTQIA+ students and staff.
A group of four students attends the Pride Week Trivia Night.