Gender & Sexuality Center Associates

The Gender & Sexuality Center Associates (GSCAs) are part of Carleton’s Peer Leader Program. GSCAs are student leaders committed to strengthening and sustaining a campus that welcomes people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

In general, GSCAs will help create resources, events, and learning opportunities geared towards supporting LGBTQIA+ students on campus and collaborating with the broader campus community to expand awareness around topics related to gender and sexuality.

Check out our team of GSCAs! Interested in becoming a GSCA? Apply today!

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Vio Csedrik ’26

Vio Csedrik ’26 (he/they) is a GSCA with a focus in programming and mentorship. He is on the baseball team, is active in the drag and QTBIPOC communities, and you can count on him to have a radio show every term! Feel free to ask Vio about being a trans collegiate athlete, navigating harmful situations, or anything Marvel related. 🙂

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Lara Dominguez ’25

Vo Blair (they/them) is five to thirty rats carefully arranged in a trench coat to resemble an Education and Resources peer leader at the GSC. They study biology and are specifically interested in bugs and reptiles and other critters in various ecosystems. In their free time, you can find them reading poetry, making mediocre art, organizing protests, and looking for frogs in the arb. You can talk to them about gender questioning, being bisexual in queer spaces, being more out on campus than at home, being Catholic and queer, or for any number of facts about anteaters.

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Clark Glymph ’26

Clark Glymph (he/him) a member of the class of 2026! He’s planning on studying Computer Science with a minor in History. For the GSC, he works on Campus Education and Resources and is always around to chat. In his free time you can find him reading 2 to 3 books (usually fiction) simultaneously or maybe in the KRLX studio. Feel free to ask him about his experience about being trans and queer on campus!

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Autumn Gross ’26

Autumn Gross (they/she) has a Programming & Mentorship role at the GSC. They are a prospective physics major (class of 2026). They like gothic literature, have a long furby, and listen to My Chemical Romance. You can ask them about being a lesbian or growing up as a rural queer person from an under-resourced school.

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Io Harris ’26

Io Harris ’26 (she/her) is a Programming & Mentorship Peer Leader at the GSC. She is a potential Biology major and Classics minor. She enjoys gardening, cooking, hosting her KRLX show, and doing local/campus political organizing. You can ask her about a variety of topics including, but not limited to, demigenders, religious trauma, and being a middle-income and indigenous person at an affluent, predominately white institution.

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Emma Kutcher ’26

Emma Kutcher (she/they) is a part of the GSC’s Marketing & Comms team. Emma is a first-year prospective Psychology major and Neuroscience minor. They spend their time writing songs, reading psychology papers (strangely…), meditating, and drinking coffee. You can ask Em about being bisexual/pansexual, and navigating gender questioning as a fem-presenting individual, among any other things!

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Faith Williams ’26

Temitope (Teh-mi-tok-peh) Williams (ey/em, they/them) works in Campus Ed & Resources for the GSC. Ey’re in the class of 2026 and planning take up some sort of humanities major, probably Gender Women’s and Sexuality Studies. They like cooking and baking, creative writing, drag, and ey love love love all music above 150bmp. You can ask em about being a nonbinary aroace spec person, growing up undocumented, or being a black queer person from the south, and other stuff too!

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Xiomara Winston ’26

Xiomara Winston, class of 2026, is a part of the GSC’s Marketing and Communications team. Xiomara plans on studying within STEM. Xiomara loves to write, hang out with friends, and play the guitar and piano. You can ask Xiomara about growing up as a rural queer and being out in a Latinx family.