Every year, the department hires a French native speaker who organizes a variety of activities in Parish House, a block and a half from campus.

Tifenn Le Minor is the 2023-24 French Language Associate. In conjunction with the French Student Council, she promotes interest in French and Francophone cultures at Carleton among students in the classroom and beyond.  

2023-24: Language Associate’s Weekly Office Hours

Tifenn holds weekly office hours at the Language Center on the second floor of the LDC (French Study Center).

  • Sundays (8-9pm) and Thursdays, Tuesdays (8-10 pm)

Questions? Suggestions? Please contact Tifenn Le Minor. She would also love to hear from you if you’d like to volunteer to help plan French and Francophone events. The French Student Council will very much appreciate your contributions!

Tifenn M

My name is Tifenn and I’ll be the Language Associate (LA) for French for the coming academic year. A few words about myself: I was born in Paris, France, where I’m currently completing a master’s degree in English at Sorbonne University.  I also studied international relations at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University and, most recently, Latin at Paris Nanterre University.

My favorite pastime is reading, as I’ve always loved the way literature allows us to experience other aspects of life, revealing how complex some seemingly simple element can be or drawing beauty out of ordinary objects. I also enjoy hiking, cats, good food, cultural outings, video games, or hanging out with friends. I’m currently trying to learn how to draw (it’s a work in progress!) and I’d love to get good enough to draw parts of Carleton’s Arboretum.