French TA
Teaching Assistants (TAs) and French Study Center Consultants

Where? LDC 220

When? 8:00pm to 10:00pm Sunday to Thursday

Who? The French TAs and the Language Associate

Schedule and scheduler

Questions about your French homework? Want to practice your conversation skills? Want to check in on a weekly basis? Want to study French with classmates?

Drop in for a session at the FSC or schedule an appointment and meet with one of our Teaching Assistants (TA) or our French Language Associate (LA). The FSC provides language support and additional practice opportunities to students in the 101-204 language sequence.

The TAs can assist you by:

  • Proofreading your written work according to the parameters established by your professor.
  • Answering short grammar questions. Your TA will not give in-depth grammar explanations, as this is the role of your professor. If you need substantial help with grammar, please speak to your professor.
  • Providing additional practice exercises to work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
  • Helping you locate and use different learning resources.
  • Chatting with you in French.

Questions: please contact French TA Program Coordinator Sarah Anthony