Parish House
Parish House

Every year, the department hires a French native speaker who organizes a variety of activities in Parish House, a block and a half from campus.

Maëva Bekkar is the 2021-22 French Language Associate.  In conjunction with the Conseil des étudiants (Student Council), she promotes interest in French and Francophone cultures at Carleton among students in the classroom and beyond.  

2021-22: Language Associate’s Weekly Office Hours

Maëva holds weekly office hours in the Library (French Study Center)

  • Sundays and Tuesdays (8-10pm), Thursdays (8-9 pm)

Questions? Suggestions? Please contact Maëva at She would also love to hear from you if you’d like to volunteer to help plan French and Francophone events. The Conseil des étudiants will very much appreciate your contributions!