Looking to get more involved on campus? Want to meet staff members from other offices? Enjoy planning events? Interested in providing feedback to College leaders? If so, Exempt Staff can join attend our meetings and join The Forum Committee. Our goal is to have regular attendees who represent nearly every office and division on campus. There may be additional involvement opportunities through Forum/SAC Working Groups – the Antiracist Working Group and the Parent/Guardian Working Group.

If you are interested in learning more about or joining The Forum Committee, please join us for our next meeting or contact any current member.

Current Positions Available:

  • Special Events Committee Co-Representative (interim), Present – 2023
  • Secretary (interim), Present – 2023
  • Benefits Committee, Present – 2023

Co-Chair, 2021-24

Photo of Thomas Baraniak
Thomas Baraniak Bio
Electronics & Laboratory Manager in Physics & Astronomy
Instrumentation Electronics Specialist for the Sciences

Co-Chair, 2021-2023

Photo of Dann Hurlbert
Dann Hurlbert Bio
Media and Design Specialist

CEDI Committee Representative (Interim), 2022-2023

Photo of Krista Herbstrith
Krista Herbstrith Bio
Associate Director of Alumni Relations

College Council Committee Representative (Interim), 2022-2023

Photo of Austin Robinson-Coolidge
Austin Robinson-Coolidge Bio
Associate Registrar for Technology Operations

Budget Committee Representative, 2022-2024

Photo of Tina Kukowski
Tina Kukowski Bio
Senior Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid

Benefits Committee Representative, 2019-2024

Photo of Barb Silk
Barb Silk
Assistant to the Vice President and Treasurer

Bookstore Representative, 2022-2024

Photo of Wiebke Kuhn
Wiebke Kuhn Bio
Director of Academic Technology

Special Events Committee Representative, 2021-2023

Photo of Linda Mueller
Linda Mueller Bio
Assistant to the Vice President and Dean of Admissions