Figuring out what you want to do

Look at the Path of Alums

If you are not sure what you want to do, it can be helpful to see what paths other students took. You can learn a lot about a career path or field by reading about and talking to Alums in those areas.

Look at the Path of other Students

The Career Center recently created this tool, so it doesn’t have a ton of data but is still a helpful starting place to spark ideas.

General Carleton Research

This not the best place to find research opportunities but it does give you a good idea of what research is happening at Carleton and by whom. The level of detail and accuracy varies by department, but it’s helpful to learn which professors are involved in what research.

Research opportunity databases

RECOMMENDED: National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU)

This is a list of amazing (and competitive) opportunities funded by the National Science Foundation and by universities or national labs. It normally pays well and participants often get additional support and training outside of just research. However, applicants typically don’t get much much control over which research project or professor to which they are assigned.

RECOMMENDED: Carleton Summer Science Fellowship

This is an amazing Carleton-specific fellowship for first-years and sophomores that provides two summers of supported research.

Pathways to Science

This site is a bit confusing to use but has some good stuff. Overlaps a bit with NSF. Opportunities are divided into regions which can be helpful.

Summer Research and Professional Development Programs for Undocumented College Students in STEM Fields

As a government-funded program, there are restrictions on who can apply to NSF REU programs. This site lists opportunities that do not have these restrictions. Reach out to the FOCUS Coordinator if you are considering applying for a program but are unsure if you are eligible. We are happy to reach out to the program on your behalf and address any questions or concerns you might have.

Funding for summer research

Kolenkow-Reitz Fellowship

This fellowship provides research support for Carleton students working with non-Carleton science and math faculty at another institution during the summer. These research opportunities are intended to encourage the exploration of mathematics and the sciences as a possible career. Summer applications are accepted through March 15.

Student Faculty Research Fund

This fund provides financial support for Carleton students working with Carleton science and math faculty on campus (or in the field) during summer. If there is a prof you are working for or want to work for, they can apply to secure funding for you to work for the summer. 

Search for research by discipline