Building a network of resources through students and Alumni

The Focal Point program allows students of different class years to connect on topics, learn to navigate STEM courses/ opportunities at Carleton, and get insight on how to further careers in STEM post-graduation.

The goal of Focal Point is to foster communal growth between FOCUS class years and alumni. The program has two phases in which first-year or sophomore students will be paired with a Junior/ Senior, and then that Junior/ Senior is paired with an alum.

Depending on preference, you could be paired with one person, in a triad, or with a larger group. This aim is to provide you an opportunity to connect with other members of the program and potentially create larger discussions about how to succeed at/ after Carleton. Pairings and groupings are made based on what your individual goals for being part of this program are and what kinds of topics you wish to discuss with other students and alumni.

All FOCUS members can join Focal Point at the beginning of each term. If you are interested in joining the program, you can fill out an interest form to indicate your personal goals and topics to discuss within your pairing/group.