12 August 2019

FOCUS Student Advisory Board

As mentioned in the previous edition inFOCUS, we recently started the Student Advisory Board as a way of getting feedback from students on the happenings and direction of FOCUS. During spring term, this group meet twice to discuss various topics including connections with alumni, the colloquium, community and more.These conversations have been extremely useful and there are plans to continue them in the upcoming year. If you are curious about these conversations, feel free to ask for the notes from the meeting by contacting David Higgs. Additionally, if you are interested in being par t of the board, contact David Higgs or Deborah Gross.

Current volunteers serving on the board include:

  • Jevon R.
  • Lon H.
  • Sonya R.
  • Kyle D.
  • Nhan L.
  • Daniel Q.
  • Sonia M.
  • Andrew F.
  • Maxime M.